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22-member council formed in Ghor’s Dawlatyar district

22-member council formed in Ghor’s Dawlatyar district

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3 Sep 2023 - 21:21
22-member council formed in Ghor’s Dawlatyar district
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3 Sep 2023 - 21:21

FEROZKOH CITY (Pajhwok): A 22-member council has been established in the Dawlatyar district of western Ghor province to resolve local disputes, an official said on Sunday.

Mullah Mohammad Husain Furqani, the director of Borders and Tribal Affairs Department told Pajhwok Afghan News that this council was established recently and shall act under supervision of this directorate to address social disputes among the residents of Dawlatyar district.

Furqani added: “We held discussions with the residents of Dawlatyar district and succeeded to choose 22 members for the council from the local influential figures, tribal elders and other personalities, we attempt to solve the all social conflicts and create the unity among the people”.

“We created similar councils additional to Dawlatyar district and the provincial capital of this province aiming to solve social conflicts among the residents and pave the way for a brotherly life between the people.”

In coordination with the governor house, the directorate of borders & tribal affairs, the directorate of vice and virtue and complaints have so far solved some of such social feuds among the people since the beginning of this year, he said.

The tribal elders and other influential figures of Dawlatyar welcomed the formation of the council and added such council can play a positive rule about the removal of differences from the society and ensuring the peace and reconciliation between the residents.

Abdul Wahid, one of the elders of Dawlatyar district told Pajhwok Afghan News: “The establishment of this council can decrease the level of differences among the people and can level the feuds of the past also”.

Abdul Ghaffar, another resident of Dawlatyar said: “There had been some feuds between some tribes since the past, I hope this council to solve all such enmities and remove the grudges from the hearts of the people and return a normal life.”

The ordinary people of Dawlatyar have also welcomed the creation of the council, Faiz Mohammad said, the enmities among the people have damaged the public order of this society.

He added: “Unfortunately there have been enmities among Taimani tribe which had resulted to the death of ten people and there has been also enmity between the people of Zai Riza and I hope this council will level such feuds and reconcile the people.”

“We urge the government to create such councils in all districts of this province and work for ensuring the peace and stability among the people.” Abdul Ghaffar added.

The experts also consider the rule of such councils impressive in ensuring the unity and integrity between the people and solving other ethnic conflicts.

Najibullah, one of the teachers of Dawlatyar High School told Pajhwok: “All the tribes of this district are brothers to each other’s and they must act according to instruction of this council to further ensure their unity and integrity.”

He asked the residents to support the caretaker government of ‘Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’ (IEA) and live in security, peace and brotherhood.


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