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‘IEA committed to equal education opportunities for all Afghans’

‘IEA committed to equal education opportunities for all Afghans’

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20 Sep 2023 - 17:47
‘IEA committed to equal education opportunities for all Afghans’
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20 Sep 2023 - 17:47

MAIMANA (Pajhwok): Acting Higher Education Minister Shiekh Neda Mohammad Nadeem has stressed over the provision of equal education for all Afghans and said Medicine University would be established in Faryab province when suitable condition arranged.

Shiekh Neda Mohammad Nadeem traveled to Maimana city, the provincial capital of Faryab province and gave a speech to a gathering of a number of local officials, tribal influential figures, university lecturers and religious scholars.

Faryab Governor Damullah Shoaib Risalat talked about the development of higher education and said: “We want a standard educational system that fit to our beliefs’ and cultures values”.

He said, Faryab direly needed a Faculty of Medicine, he urged the minister of higher education to take practical steps about the establishment of medicine Faculty in consultation with Faryab specialists.

Maulavi Mohammad Muhiq, the chancellor of the university said, the University of Faryab has eight departments (such as department of religious studies, education, literature and social science, agriculture, economics, law and political science, engineering, computer science), 186 professors serves as lecturers who hold masters and doctorate degrees and there are over 5,000 students at that university, this university has the capacity to register over 2,000 new students during the upcoming educational year.

This university has seven buildings, a conference and food hall, sport gymnasium, two hostels for male and females. The works of the department of religious studies, law and political science, computer science and another building are also completed but the some buildings of its hostels and mosque are yet to be completed, Muhiq said.

This university strictly needs the establishment of medicine, Arabic language and geology and mines departments and it need a library, research center and a lab too.

He added, about 14 acres of land has been acquired for the university but this land is currently with some security institutions, we need to build some more buildings for the university and create its green zone as well.

Maulavi Hayatullah Halim, the head of provincial religious scholars council said, the gap between the university and seminary and the gap between the lecturers of the universities and other religious scholars was removed after the settlement of Islamic system in the country.

Shiekh Neda Mohammad Nadeem said that the Ministry of Higher Education bear the responsibility to provide equal education opportunities for all Afghans and play it positive role in the construction of the country.

Nadeem said: “We are committed to equal education for all Afghans, much work has been done about this sector too.”

Nadeem in his remarks to Pajhwok Afghan News said, if the leadership of this province and the officials of the university provide the necessary conditions for the faculty of medicine, he will be fully cooperative in the establishment of the faculty.

Medical department is an important department of a university, its proliferation in every university will pave the way to provision of incompetent doctors to the society, which is not in the interest of the country.

His response to the governor and other officials was that they cannot guarantee the conditions from the aspect of curriculum, lecturers, teaching hospital, nevertheless he will refer their demand for the establishment of medicine faculty to the academic council for approval.

He also talked about the construction and repair of three buildings of the faculties, the half-finished hostels and the recovery of over 14 acres of land from the security forces, that a lot of work has been done in the infrastructure sector, regarding the problems of Faryab University, he will hold a meeting with the officials and the academic council of the university to address these problems.


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