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‘Hernia not very dangerous, but incurable without surgery’

‘Hernia not very dangerous, but incurable without surgery’

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2 Dec 2023 - 15:26
‘Hernia not very dangerous, but incurable without surgery’
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2 Dec 2023 - 15:26

KABUL (Pajhwok): Hernia is a common problem and it is not a very dangerous disease, but incurable without surgery, doctors said on Saturday, advising people to visit physicians as soon as possible if they notice a painful swelling in any parts of body.

Hernia is a common painful illness and has different types such as navel hernia, abdominal hernia, femoral (thigh) hernia and so on…

General Neurosurgeon at French Medical Institute Dr. Mujeeb Sakhi told Pajhwok Afghan News that hernia was a common disease and can appear in abdomen, in thigh or even along some parts of the vertebral bones.

“Everyone at every age can have this disease”, he said.

Lifting heavy loads, gaining weight abruptly, continuous coughing and sneezing cause hernia and severe pain, swelling, noise in the intestines, fever, vomiting are main symptoms of this disease, Dr. Sakhi added.

“If someone is born with congenital diaphragmatic hernia, this type of disease could not be prevented, but hernia caused by exercise, weight loss, lifting weights and constipation are preventable.”

He said if hernia was not treated, it could cause more dangerous problems like severe and permanent pains. “The stomach of such patient may turn black or even it may tear which can threaten the life of the patient”.

Dr. Sakhi advised: “If anyone notice swelling followed by severe pain in any part of the body, that patient must urgently visit a doctor.”

Hernia is a common problem in all countries including Afghanistan, he said: “We receive about 20 patients monthly with hernia diseases in our hospital.”

Dr. Mohammad Hashim Wahaj also confirmed hernia existed in Afghanistan, but no specific survey had been conducted to know the number of patients with hernia.

Wahaj said: “We have always one or two patients of hernia in our hospital, however some patients even do not know they have hernia.”

Wahaj added: “This disease occurs more in men than in women, there is no medical treatment for this disease, the only treatment is surgery.”

He said in some cases a baby developed hernia in mother’s womb and has a kind of bulge in the navel area.

According to Wahaj, losing weight, avoiding heavy sports, not eating too much are ways that can protect people against this type of disease.


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