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Haqqani: IEA sets store by talent & merit

Haqqani: IEA sets store by talent & merit

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24 Mar 2024 - 17:21
Haqqani: IEA sets store by talent & merit
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24 Mar 2024 - 17:21

KABUL (Pajhwok): The National Examination Authority (NEXA) chief says his organisation is discharging its responsibilities in a transparent manner.

In an exclusive interview with Pajhwok Afghan News, the Sheikh Abdul Baqi Haqqani said the number of students participating in the university entrance exams (kankor) had spiked this year.

He suggested the applicants who had repatriated to their homeland should be exempted from paying the entrance examination fee.

Haqqani called education and knowledge the only way to develop the country, whose educational sector had suffered a lot because of the unstable situation over the past two decades.

According to him, a young man seeking knowledge for 16 years and his family also strive a lot. The future of such talented young people was vital both for their families and the coutry, he noted.

Referring to the importance of NEXA, Haqqani said: “The role of this authority becomes even more significant when it respects talent and values the hard work of talented youth,”

The interim government was duty-bound to respect talented youth, he said, adding: “IEA officials assure the nation money and connections have no value. What is important is talent. Each talented youth and his family must be confident that their efforts will bring them favorable results.

“If neither students nor their parent are confident of the efforts they made in seeking knowledge, much of the country will become weak.”

Haqqani believed each nation needed an independent authority like NEXA to identify and respect talent and viewed knowledge as a measure of success.

He said: “NEXA is an important authority for Afghan youth. Such entities are considered important in other countries as well. We as a small country must compete with other states. We have the same duty to give youth confidence through transparency in our affairs.

“No one should feel upset. This will further energies the human capital of Afghanistan to play a proactive role in the reconstruction of the country.”

In a response to the query whether or not there had been such confidence in the past, he said: “Nothing is secret.  Youth were upset.

“But many facilities have been provided for students after the IEA takeover. As a result, the number of candidates for the university entrance exams increased by 20,000 last year.”

About the changes brought to NEXA after the IEA takeover, the official said: “Previously, a candidate securing 300 marks in the entrance exams didn’t find his/her way to the university. They were disappointed, but now youth feel encouraged and hope their hard work will bring them reward.”

Haqqani promised they would provide more facilities for youth this year in the entrance exam so they can get higher education and compete globally.

He announced an independent body had been set up to hear complaints about irregularities in the entry test.

“The complaints will be heard in two stages. After the exam is conducted, we will give candidates three days to share their complaint with this body. This proposal is being considered.”

Reminded of the dwindling interest of some youth in education in recent years, Haqqani linked the issue to economic constraints.

He added: “Many youths were going to foreign countries via illegal routes to meet their family needs. Afghans are very courageous people. Despite these difficulties, they love education.”

He claimed the organisations whose employees had been recruited on the basis of NEXA exams were satisfied with their performance.

They were also trying to boost coordination with other institutions on recruitment examinations, the official continued.

Haqqani said NEXA was among the administrative entities whose professional employees did not go abroad for training courses or higher education.

“All our professional employees are here and working with us. People know how many possible facilities had been provided by NEXA. Most of our staff members have worked with this authority.”

In a message to the people, he commented: “No doubt, we are going through a difficult situation, poverty and other problems. But we are still involved in a propaganda war.

“There are different types of propaganda. We must resist this. We must rebuild our country and let our children study. Our youth should not waste their time; they should pursue higher education.”



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