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Hikmatyar asks Karzai to standby his refusal

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1 Dec 2013 - 19:25
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1 Dec 2013 - 19:25

KABUL chief Gulbadin Hikmatyar has called on President Hamid Karzai to standby his refusal to sign the security agreement with the US.

The HIA leader made the request in a letter published on Sunday on the group’s website “Shahadat.”

Hikmatyar wrote “it seemed appropriate to me to write down some issues after the consultative Loya Jigra and before the signing of the Bilateral Security Agreement with America in a letter that has been sent to your office.”

“It would be good (for you) to take such an action in your last days in rule to compensate the past and leave a good name in the history; you never know when life ends.”

Hikmayar has requested Hamid Karzai not to sign the security agreement with the United States and continue emphasising on his demands and conditions.

Last week, the consultative Loya Jirga asked Karzai to sign the agreement over the next six weeks.

But Karzai said the US should guarantee that Afghan homes would not be searched and raided. He also asked the US to pave the ground for talks the Taliban to ensure security.

The US has warned of exercising the zero option if the agreement was not signed over the next five weeks.

Hikmatyar in his letter told President Hamid not to be worried about American soldiers leaving Afghanistan.

“Do not be concerned over the American soldiers’ drawdown and a halt to foreign aid. Do not accept advices from those talking about problems after foreign troops’ withdrawal.”

Hikmatyar said neither peace would come to Afghanistan in the presence of US and NATO forces nor the war would end.

He said Afghans had a lot of income generating sources like communications and customs sectors.

He said 20 million Afghans used mobile cell phones and if each of them spent a dollar a day, it will be seven billion and 200 million dollars a year.”

He said currently most incomes ended up in individuals’ pockets rather than going to the national exchequer.


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