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Review your policy on Islam, Karzai urges West

Review your policy on Islam, Karzai urges West

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1 Feb 2015 - 15:15
Review your policy on Islam, Karzai urges West
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1 Feb 2015 - 15:15

KABUL to review its policy toward Muslims and avoid steps that defamed their religion.

Addressing conference in Kabul, the ex-president said Islam teaches moderation and advocates for temperance, while discouraging violence. The Muslims did not submit to injustice, he added.

“Over the past three decades, Islam has been denigrated because of our own extremism and radicalism that was used by others. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims have been killed. This extremism in many Islamic countries has backfired.”

He added extremism, which stemmed from the Muslims, facilitated the achievement of major international powers’ goals, causing disunity in the Islamic world, he regretted.

Karzai maintained the insurgency was used as a vehicle of colonisation and exploitation over the centuries. “All of us must strive to show the world the real face of Islam and thereby come out of our plight.”

The former president added: “Yesterday, the Islamic state claimed killing a Japanese reporter; we condemn the murder and stand firmly with the people of Japan. At the same time, we also condemn acts of violence by some Western countries against Muslims.”

Chief Executive Officer Dr Abdullah told the participants: “This centre was established during Hamid Karzai’s rule. I praise your mild style of politics and governance.”


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