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Afghan migrants urge peace to reunite with families

20 Jun 2020 - 18:39
20 Jun 2020 - 18:39


KABUL (Pajhwok): Some asylum seeking Afghans in foreign countries say they want to return to their homeland if peace and stability is established so they are able to reunite with families and friends.

As the world.”

Abdullah Ahmadzai, who migrated to Germany six years ago, has since been living Hamborg City. He told Pajhwok Afghan News.“When I was in Afghanistan, I wished to go to a foreign country to have a comfortable life because I believed that all facilities were in foreign countries, where people face no difficulties, I was wrong. I arrived in Germany after several difficulties.”

Abdullah, who arrived in Germany through an illegal way, said travelling to Germany was not an easy task and he himself witnessed many Afghans drowning in sea waters on their way to foreign countries.

Abdullah who currently works and studies, said: “Individuals who decide to travel to foreign countries face several problems in their way and if they search for the rights of migration, they should know the language, and get familiar to the strange culture.”

He said most of his friends arrived in Germany alone and suffered from being away from their family and friends.

He said the biggest dream of him and his friends was an honorable return to Afghanistan. We want an Afghanistan which is free of suicide bombing, where youth are given value and provided with work opportunities.”

Nelofar Kawsar, another Afghan asylum seeker in the Hamborg City of Germany, acknowledged Abdullah’s comment and said: “Although the German government has provided us all facilities, but we feel devastated from being away from country, friends and family members.”

“Individuals who arrive in Germany illegally face thousands of difficulties and stay in refugee camps for unlimited period without clear future,” she said.

Nazera Bahaduri, another Afghan refugee from the Virginia State of US, said: “This is a reality that there exists no security and work opportunities in our country”,

He said the people wanted to migrate to other places to have a comfortable life, but they endured many hardships.”

Being a mother, she said: “Besides other problems, people suffer psychologically when they think about their children and their life in a place which is totally different from the cultural prospect.”

Mohammad Hussain, one of the Afghan refugees living in Iran, said: “I have been in Iran with my family for the past 28 years and we faced several problems. Sometimes Iranians humiliate us and sometimes their police beat and torture us. Our children are not provided with education facility.”

Hussain returned to Afghanistan 10 years back but failed to land a job, thus leaving back for Iran “We want the Taliban and the government to reconcile and allow people to work so that we can return to Afghanistan,” he said.

Afghan refugees living in foreign countries face serious difficulties, including violence, and even death during their journey to Iran.


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