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No scientific evidence to prove jennet’s milk treats Covid-19

14 Jan 2021 - 16:40
14 Jan 2021 - 16:40

KABUL (Pajhwok): Some Facebook users claim jennet’s milk is good for treatment of Covid-19 infection, but doctors say its efficacy in treating the virus is yet be medically proven.

Recently, some users of social media published messages regarding the benefits of jennet’s milk for coronavirus and some media outlets also published reports about “drinking jennet’s milk in Albania for treatment of Covid-19.”

Khaama Press published a report with the headline “Covid-19 in Albania; demand for jennet milk has risen sharply,” website reports: “Why is the jennet’s milk market in Albania very warm? The Voice of America (VOA) said on its twitter page that “Albanians believe that jennet’s milk is good for boosting the immune system” and Insight today published that “Why is the jennet’s milk market hot in Albania?

Reports by Facebook users

Yaseen Azhand, a Facebook user, published an article that said: “Jennet’s milk is good for Coronavirus disease!” He wrote: “Now a liter of jennet’s milk is sold for 50 euros, which equals 3,600 afghanis”.





Some Facebook users somehow supported the claim but others responded sarcastically and some ridiculed it.

Shujauddn Shuja, commented on Azhand’s post, that: “Since years, jennet’s milk has been sold in Iran at many times higher price than cow’s milk. When I was in Iran a kilograms of cow’s milk was sold for 1,000 tomans, but jennet’s milk was sold for 60,000 tomans a kilogram. At the time, there was no Covid-19, but it was said to be a great source of vitamins and we were just amazed.”

Some other Facebook users have shared it with friends as ‘joke’.

Hafiz Samadi Afshar, shared an article on his Facebook page titled: “How respected a jennet is during the outbreak of Coronavirus.” He wrote jennet was now free from carrying load and the animal now only eats and rests because its milk is used to cure Covid-19.

Such milk benefits are not proven scientifically

Abu Zar Muttaqi, director of the Mohammad Ali Jinnah Hospital in Kabul, told Pajhwok that nothing could be used to cure the Covid-19 except the newly confirmed vaccine against the disease.

The health expert lamented that some people were spreading such rumors by abusing people’s goodwill.

Meanwhile, Dr. Hakimullah Saleh, former director of the Afghan-Japan hospital, said rumors had surfaced that the use of jennet’s milk was effective in treating coronavirus.

He added: “These rumors published by Facebook users that jennet’s milk is useful in treating Covid-19 has no scientific or health evidence.”

Ministry of Public Health: No drug has been developed to treat coronavirus except vaccines.

Masuma Jafari, deputy spokeswoman for MoPH, told Pajhwok that there was no scientific evidence that the use of jennet’s milk was beneficial for coronavirus.

She said so far no effective and safe drugs had been developed in the world to treat coronavirus without a vaccine.

There have been a lot of practical tests around the world but so far researchers had not been able to find a cure for the disease, she added.

She called on people not to believe in such rumors and strongly observe the health recommendations.

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