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Foreign rebels want to disrupt Badakhshan security

KABUL (Pajhwok): National Directorate of Security (NDS) chief Ahmad Zia Saraj during his trip to northeastern Badakhshan province on Thursday said foreign insurgents wanted to disrupt the security of some areas of the province in coordination with Taliban in spring

Ahmad Zia Saraj, who arrived in Badakhshan for assessing the province’s security, told reporters that people’s solidarity with security forces was the only way to eliminate insurgent groups.

He claimed the Taliban had no interest in negotiations or establishment of peace in the country.

“Taliban have proven it on the negotiating table that they have no interest in peace. The Taliban want all things in their control, they do not accept a partnership government despite the Afghan government’s many sacrifices for the arrival of peace,” he said.

The release of 5,000 Taliban insurgents and reduction in violence were good gesture from the government towards the Taliban, Saraj said.

Abdullah Naji Nazari, a provincial council member of Badakhshan, said, “Unfortunately hundreds of foreign terrorists from different countries exist in Badakhshan besides the Taliban, we may face a deadly spring if the security of the province is not paid attention.”

Badakhshan governor Mohamamd Zakaria Sawda also expressed concern over presence of foreign militants and said, “We are worried; but it does not mean the terrorists would succeed in their designs, Taliban are trying but they would be defeated like past years.”

According to local officials, NDS chief would stay in Badakhshan for a few days to create coordination among security forces.

Local officials say more than 40 percent of Badakhshan territory was currently being controlled by the Taliban.

They believe around 800 foreign rebels fight alongside the Taliban in the province.

However, a Taliban spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid rejected presence of foreign militants in the province and said they had enough fighters and did not need foreign rebels.


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