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Daudzai’s audio clip about north security distorted

Daudzai’s audio clip about north security distorted

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11 Jul 2021 - 19:55
Daudzai’s audio clip about north security distorted
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11 Jul 2021 - 19:55

KABUL (Pajhwok): Some social media users who published an audio clip of Mohammad Omar Daudzai have accused him of fueling ethnic conspiracy in the north of the country while the real clip shows parts of the clip have been removed.

Claim: An audio clip attributed to Mohammad Omar Daudzai, president’s special envoy for Pakistan, is circulating on social media that has drawn criticism from some people.

Daudzai in a voice clip which went viral in social media is talking to a person whose identity is unclear. He said, “The situation in the north is really not good. Whatever they can do, they should at least tell Qaisari not to go there, he should stay away…Dostum is half of the time drunk and … then he demands privileges and something. Faiq also has not been introduced to the Senate…”

The voice is recorded more than a month ago when NaqibullahFaiq, who previously served as Faryab governor, was selected as senate member on May 8 and introduced as deputy policy minister for the Ministry of Interior on June 20.

NizamuddinQaisari, special representative of Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum, in uprising forces in Faryab, was arrested by Afghan forces after an armed clash in June 2018 in Maimana city, capital of Faryab.

However, Qaisari was released in December 2018. He was accused of threatening security officials with death in a meeting in Maimana city. He was also accused of harassing civilians.

Reactions to Daudzai’s voice clip:

Responding to the voice clip of Omar Daudzai, Qaisari in a recorded video clip said, “Mr. Daudzai clearly says that Qaisari should not go to Faryab, if you go to Faryab, my plans will fail, the program of Pakistan will fail, the plan of ISI will fail, they took money, they deceived people, if there is no deception, all the tribe has the right to stand against the Taliban. I do not fear anyone. I am the target of a secret deal since the last four years.”

“This clip was not from Daudzai, it was from Pakistan’s ISI, Pakistan is conspiring against me since the last four years and it bombarded my house, who was I? Was I a murderer? All those who went to Pakistan made deals with it. I was thinking that here all the people are united, but I was wrong, every tribe insults each other. If there is no tribe in place, deploy me with a unit of forces to control the north, if I fail, blame me for boasting…”

AsifAshna, pointing to the leaked audio clip, in a Facebook post said, “The Presidential Palace should provide explanation, the audio clip of Daudzai includes very serious issues. What Daudzai advices the other side – which for sure is a decision maker in the country’s political affairs – is clearly organizing an ethnic war in north…”

“The silence of Presidential Palace on the matter is clearly a moral weakness of those sitting in the Palace. And this silence confirms that the Palace is conspiring ethnic issues in the north. If the issue is otherwise, then the Palace should break its shameful silence and respond to people,” he said.

Fact finding:

On the other hand, another audio clip obtained by Pajhwok Afghan News shows that parts of Daudzai’s speech in which he talked in support of the government had been cut.

In the original clip, Daudzai said, “I hope your Eid holidays spent very well. We will see soon Inshallah, we also have an idea and will discuss it from close, conveys my Salam to NadimSaib, in fact they are supporters of the government, yes, and the situation in north is not good. Whatever they can do, they should at least tell Qaisari not to go there, he should keep away…Dostum is half of the time drunk and … then he demands privileges and something. Faiq also has not been introduced to the senate…, this will get fine; but if they stop Qaisari, because he is member of them, I fear bad things would happen, all members of the third line are told that it is time for support of the government.”

Pajhwok shared the issue with the office of Mohammad Omar Daudzai. His office said that it would provide explanation on the regard, but it did not.

After the leak of his voice clip, Daudzai without pointing to the clip, said, “After the withdrawal of foreign forces, unfortunately a number of districts in some parts of the country fell to the enemy’s control. This issue created serious concerns for the nation and the loss of districts is not limited to the north only, but the situation in other parts of the country is also critical as we receive unpleasant news of losing districts in Badghis, Paktia, Laghman and other parts.”

“I appreciate the support of all political leaders and important figures of the country, including Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum for Afghan security forces,” he said.

He said that the Afghan government enjoyed the real support of people and collapsing of districts would be seriously investigated.

National Third Line Movement in a Facebook post about the voice clip on Saturday said, “Government officials use any tool for the protection of their positions, the effort of Daudzai is part of that and it is considered as his right; but in the chaotic political market of the government, each group publishes news for their own goals and interests.”

“The main problem is that both sides of war do not care about the lives of people, and they use the youth as meatballs, but the National Third Line Movement is against these dealers of destructive war, it emphasizes on peace, and Mr. Daudzai knows about the abilities of the movement … he requested help to resolve the tensions about appointment of Mohammad Daud Laghmani as Faryab governor from the movement; because Mr. Dostum requested Qaisari to fuel riots in Faryab (against Laghmani). The movement advised Qaisari to keep neutrality in that issue,” the movement said.

Daud Laghmani was appointed as the governor of Faryab province on April 20, 2021. Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum reacted to his appointment and told his supporters to stand against him because he was not consulted on the appointment of the governor.

Laghmani was then appointed as governor of Ghazni province.

Outcome: Audio clip attributed to Daudzai is distorted, however, his full clip shows support to the government and there no indication that he flared up ethnic conspiracy in the north of the country.

Verdict: Daudzai’s audio clip has been distorted.


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