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Covid-19 situation to return to normal in 2 weeks: Experts

12 Jul 2021 - 15:15
12 Jul 2021 - 15:15

KABUL (Pajhwok): Health experts say that the third wave of Covid-19 pandemic in the country would end in the next two weeks considering reducing number of virus cases and deaths while the Ministry of Public Health still warns about the severity of the situation.

Pajhwok Afghan News findings show that Covid-19 tests decreased by 25 percent and infections by 17 percent compared to the last 43 days. However, the level of recoveries increased by fivefold while the deaths jumped by 83 percent.

According to a Pajhwok report published on May 5, the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) announced the start of third wave of the virus. On this day, 1,993 samples were taken and 365 people were found infected.

Pajhwok has been reviewing infections, tests, deaths and recoveries from Covid-19 since May 28 when the number of infections rose above 1,000, until July 10.

A total of 198,084 tests had been were performed from May 28 to July 11, with 65,033 people testing positive. Of the infected, 2,904 people have lost their lives while 24,049 others recovered.

Covid-19 tests declined compared to 43 days ago

Registered figures show that 3,800 tests were performed on May 28, but the number of tests increased to 6,000 on June 17 and dropped again to 3,717 on July 11.

The number of tests reduced by 24.86 percent and nearly 39 percent respectively on July 11 and May 28.

A total of 198,084 tests were carried out in the last 43 days.

Covid-19 infections declined by 17 percent

Registered figures show that 977 people were infected with Covid-19 on May 28 compared to 2,213 on June 17 while 101 people had died. However, the cases again dropped and on Sunday, 1,085 cases were detected.

The infections on May 28 and June 17 compared to Sunday’s cases, dropped by 17 and 51.4 percent respectively.

During these 43 days, the number of infections even increased or decreased by 50 percent in some days.

Deaths caused by Covid-19 increased by 83 percent compared to the start of third wave but reduced by 25 compared to the peak time of the virus.

Pajhwok findings show that the number of people dying from Covid-19 increased by 83 percent from May 28 to July 11; however, the number of deaths from June 17 when highest number of deaths were recorded, declined by 25 percent compared to Sunday, July 11.

On May 28, a total of 18 deaths were registered, on June 17, a total of 101 deaths were recorded and on Sunday, 67 Covid-19 related deaths were recorded.


The number of recovered people increased by fivefold in last 43 days

Pajhwok findings show that 24,049 people have recovered in the last 43 days. Figures show that 157 Covid-19 patients recovered on May 28 compared to 851 recoveries on Sunday.

The recovery graph is irregular as up to 1,240 people had recovered in some days.

Third wave of Covid-19 is on decline and the situation will return to normal in two weeks: Experts

Dr. WahdatAlkozay, head of Sheikh Zayed Hospital in Kabul told Pajhwok that each wave of Covid-19 continue for three months. “The virus remains at peak for one month and then it declines and returns to normal,” he said.

“Whenever a wave reaches the peak, it stays in that level for one or two weeks and cases also remain at same number, then the cases start declining,” he said.

Alokozai said that Covid-19 cases had reached their peak in Afghanistan considering the epidemiology and there were hopes for decline in cases in the next weeks.

Meanwhile, Dr. Mohammad HashemWahaj, head of Wahaj Hospital in Kabul, said that each wave of Covid-19 should end in three weeks after its start, but negligence in following health guidelines caused the third wave to prolong.

He said that each wave of Covid-19 does not continue for longer than three months if health guidelines are followed.

Wahaj stressed that negligence in observing health guidelines would cause the third wave to continue, asking people to follow health guidelines for the protection of their own life and the people around them.

Dr. Nabil Paktin, a cardiologist in a recent post on his Facebook page said people would still deal with the last cases of Covid-19 in the next two weeks, but the third wave of the virus would end after the period.

He also said that the virus cases were on the decline. However, he added, “Those who fought the virus at homes in the previous two weeks, they may be infected again if neglected health guidelines.”

MoPH says the risk of Covid-19 is still persistent.

UsmanTaheri, MoPH spokesman, told Pajhwok that the graph of Covid-19 cases sometimes reduce but sometimes they jump and it did not mean a decline in cases.

He said that 35 percent of people were being tested infected with the virus and the death cases were still the same.

The risk of infection with the virus is still persistent and a more serious risk is the coming EidulAdha and if people do not follow health guidelines the cases will surge again, he added.

Taheri asked people to follow health guidelines to protect themselves, their families and other people from Covid-19.


“This Investigative Report was produced with the financial support of the European Union. Its contents are the sole responsibility of Pajhwok and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.”

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