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Drug addict to launch reconciliation mission after rehabilitation

20 Dec 2021 - 17:48
20 Dec 2021 - 17:48

HERAT CITY (Pajhwok): Drug addicts in northwestern Badghis province have pledged to work for reducing violence in families and society after their rehabilitation.

Government figures show around three million Afghans are addicted to different types of drugs, mostly due to conflict, poverty, poor economic situation and migration.

Western Herat province has the highest number of drug addicts – nearly 80,000 and the reason is that it borders Iran.

After the Taliban’s takeover of the country, the process of rounding up drug addicts has started but still a large number of them could be seen at roadsides, under bridges and on streets in cities.

Abdul Fatah, 47, one of drug addicts in Badghis, is in terrible condition – his body soiled and clothes tattered. H is wrapped up in and old and dirty sheet.

Hailing from Bala Murghab district, Abdul Fatah has been consuming drugs for the past 10 years. He was forced into addiction by a tribal dispute in his village and the killing of his family.

Asked why he became an addict, his eyes welled up and he was unable to speak clearly due to the magnitude of his tragedy.

“For three years, I served as village elder before falling victim to enmity between Malak and Tajik tribes in Kamrak area,” he revealed.

“This enmity started when a stray dog of our neighbour bit a boy and the dog owner did not know about the beast straying. The boy’s father thought the dog was mine or my brother’s.”

He recalled: “As the boy died of the dog bite, the victim’s family shot dead my niece, who was a local Taliban commander.”

Thus an enmity erupted between his tribe Malak and Tajik in the wake of the unfortunate incident.

“Several attempts were made at reconciliation between the two sides because the continuation of enmity was not in the interest of either tribe. But this enmity persisted and claimed the lives of our families.”

Abdul Fatah’s family members died in an armed attack from the rivals one night. After this, he left his village and migrated to Qadis along with his remaining relatives.

He lost his wife and an 11-year-old son in the attack. Then he started new life with two other sons and one daughter in Qadis.

He downed his head started lifting and releasing soil from the ground with a piece of cardboard like a child and said from the past 10 years he addicted to drug and never witnessed a happy moment in this life.

With a piece of his dirty and foggy shall, Fatah dried up his red eyes said despite all the pain and difficulties he suffered he was still hoping for the establishment of peace and stability.

He pledged to stop using drug since a nationwide peace has established and was ready to work for clearing society from illicit substance and help resolve public disputes.

He asked the newly established government that besides rehabilitation of drug addicts working opportunities should be provided to them and their energies should be used to eliminate corruption.

Mohammad Amin, 37, another drug addict from Faryab province, said that after the establishment of nationwide peace they were ready to stop using drug and become an effective person in society.

He said he has three sons and two daughters and from the past two years he has no information about them.

Mir Ahmad, 55, is another drug addict from Kandahar province, said now was the time to consolidate peace in society and set aside differences.

Referring to other drug addicts in the area he said: “We are all here and all want to stop taking drugs and work for social reform and reconciliation in the country.”

“Peace is very important, due to the absence of peace and stability me and thousands of others addicted to drug. I don’t want that more our children and youth become drug addicts.”

He asked the newly acting government to enforce an effective anti-narcotics strategy so that no Afghan could become drug addict.


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