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Nigella sativa has no direct impact on Covid treatment

Nigella sativa has no direct impact on Covid treatment

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16 May 2022 - 19:30
Nigella sativa has no direct impact on Covid treatment
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16 May 2022 - 19:30

KABUL (Pajhwok): Some internet pages have published an article that Nigella Sativa — black cumin — is effective for the treatment of the coronavirus.

But medical experts, acknowledging the herb has many benefits, say the herb has no direct effect on treating the virus.

The Sada-wa-Sema news website released a report titled: “Does nigella sativa cure a Covid patient?”

Australian researchers found that the medicinal plant could be found in the west of Asia, Africa and also Iran and it can be used in treating the coronavirus.”

Additionally, the Sabk-i-Zindagi Negarmark website also published the article titled “Treatment of Covid-19 with nigella sativa”.

Imna, a news website, also published a report titled “Impact of nigella sativa and honey on treatment of Covid.”

Iran’s Tasnim News Agency reported: “Australian scientists: Nigella sativa can be effective for the treatment of coronavirus. “According to a new study by Australian scientists, the black seed prevents lung infections.”

But medical experts, while emphasising the benefits of nigella sativa, say it had not been found to be an anti-Covid medicine.

Dr. Hashmatullah Faizi of the Afghan-Japan Hospital told Pajhwok Afghan News nigella sativa did not have a direct impact on the coronavirus. However, the plant helps boost immunity.

He said: “Nigella Sativa has an anti-inflammatory nature and we can use it as a herbal for the Covid disease.”

Meanwhile, MoPH spokesman Dr. Javed Hajir told Pajhwok that the herb was a very effective and useful plant that was used in ancient medicines.

He added the minerals and vitamins that existed in the nigella sativa treated TB, diabetes, anemia, hemorrhoids and stomach ulcers.

“People believe in nigella sativa in two ways — it may be useful against Covid, first it is high in iron and potassium, which helps strengthen the body’s immune system and eliminates blood poisoning.”

According to him, the medicinal plant is effective in treating many diseases. But so far, he explained, it had not been proven that it could cure the coronavirus.

Hajir called on people to observe health guidelines and focus on vaccines. All people must get themselves vaccine against the pandemic, he stressed.


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