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Guests at Tanazur link industrial development with political stability

Guests at Tanazur link industrial development with political stability

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1 Dec 2022 - 20:10
Guests at Tanazur link industrial development with political stability
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1 Dec 2022 - 20:10

KABUL (Pajhwok): Guests at Tanazur, Pajhwok’s twitter space programme, termed strict tax law, restrictions on banking sector, land transfer issue, investment insecurity and other factors as hurdle in the way commerce and traded development in the country.

They said the issue of security, law and order, corruption had been resolved, the government should ensure political stability, redefine relationship with the neighbours and form a policy that could move Afghanistan towards industrialization.

Tanazur discussion started at 5:30pm on Wednesday and continued for two hours. Over 625 people participated live and six guests spoke about the issues.

Niamatullah Niamat, the Afghan Maldar Company head, said land issues, electricity shortage, taught taxation laws, lack of response to neighbours and government unwillingness to work with the private sector were some of the issues faced by private commerce and trade centre.

“These are inherited issues and further complicated when banking and other restriction were imposed after regime change,” he said.

In Afghanistan, there is no clear procedure for the private sector, the former and current governments did not acknowledge private sector as basic sector but it is clear that if you want to strengthen the strengthen the country’s economy you have to strengthen private sector

Haji Faizul Haq Mushkani, member of the Kandahar Industrial Association, linked the availability of 24 hours electricity vital for industrial development.

“If there is electricity shortage the production cost will raise and the fact that Afghanistan’s tax law is not suitable with the situation here the industry could not progress.”

He said: “The Islamic Emirate should reconsider tax law and eliminate those articles that discouraged investors and make the land requisition easy.”

Financial curbs hampering industrial development

The Afghanistan Industry and Mines Head Sherbaz Kaminzada said: “Industry in Afghanistan was new, we did not reached the level where we can call Afghanistan industrial or semi industrial country.”

He said the issue of corruption and insecurity has been resolved now but due to financial curbs imposed by the international community the country’s economic situation had deteriorated.

“In the industry, electricity, land, insurance, banking and trust are very important issues, and in general, a policy should be established that will make Afghanistan flourish in industrialization,” he said.

He asked he government to ensure the protection of foreign investment.

Need for re-definition of economic ties with neighbors

Economic Affairs Expert and University Teacher Qais Mohammadi said main issue in the way of economic and industrial development was in the economic master plan.

“When a strategic economic plan is formed then everybody recognize their responsibility through that plan but if economic strategy is not formed then everyone work for their own purpose.”

He said now was not the time for investment because investors are complaining, there is no electricity, raw materials are not available the transfer of cash to foreign is difficult, relations with neighbours are not good and no guarantee could be provided for import of goods.

Mohammadi added: “Banking sector in Afghanistan was moving backward, the technoly that banking sector was using two years back was of no more use, the number of employees in Da Afghanistan Bank might had dropped because banks had losts its credibility.”

In order to strengthen trade and industry there was need for the protection of old system as well as the creation of new systems in the future goals.

Mohammadi said sustainable economy was vital for political stability otherwise revenue will fall, poverty and crimes will increase and this will let people to stand against the government.

Afghanistan should encourage other countries to invest and start production in Afghanistan this will help in industrial stability in Afghanistan and its neighbours will never strive for instability in Afghanistan.

Professional person should lead DAB

Ab. Aziz Babukarkhel, former head of the Pashtani Bank said there was need for necessary facilities to private sector in order to develop commerce and industry.

“Due to curbs imposed on the banking system, then the transaction is delayed. However, the head of the government must pay serious attention to resolve this situation, otherwise the economy will be deteriorated.”

He stressed there was need for more electricity supply to private sector and government should facilitate coal based electricity generation.

“Current government should collide with the international community on trade and investment. Central Banks are independent all over the world and its head should be be a professional person not a political person so that the confidence of the world is restored and existing curbs are lifted,” said Babukarkhail.

Need for political stability

Political Expert Aminullah Shariq said: “If the system want to promote the country it should work for the development of commerce and industrial sector but I don’t think so Afghanistan economy would be self-sufficient if there is no political stability.”

He said the current system should work of political stability and provide necessary environment for businessperson.


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