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Growing air pollution in Jalalabad City raises eyebrows

Growing air pollution in Jalalabad City raises eyebrows

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26 Dec 2022 - 19:06
Growing air pollution in Jalalabad City raises eyebrows
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26 Dec 2022 - 19:06

JALALABAD (Pajhwok): The residents of Jalalabad, the capital of eastern Nangarhar province, have said that drought and the use of unhealthy items to heat up homes deteriorated the weather and caused respiratory disease among people.

Nangarhar Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) also said efforts to improve the environmental condition had been accelerated and efforts were on to examine all factories, hotels and other places that use dangerous items as fuel.

Sediqulllah Watandost, the resident of Jalalabad City, said reasons behind air pollution were clear but the EPA did not take enough steps to resolve the problem and the situation is getting worst with each passing day.

He added: “The EPA should take urgent steps to eradicate air pollution, it did not take any step to improve the situation. Surge in the use of vehicles and private generators also contributed to the air pollution.”

Sher Ahmad, another Jalalabad resident, said the EPA should stop the entry of below the standard fuel in the country, halt the use of below the standard items in bricks making in Sara Road district and stop vehicles in Jalalabad City the produce black soot.

He added: “The causes of air pollution in Jalalabad city are a number of factories, generators, brick kilns in Sarrud district, old cars, rickshaws, burning rubber and tires by families in the winter season, and many other factors. The EPA should be involved in preventing it.”

Meanwhile, health experts termed air pollution a big reason behind growing seasonal diseases.

Dr. Rashid Ahmad, internal diseases specialist, said: “Polluted air has a very bad effect on a child’s health; Because it increases respiratory diseases, because the child’s body needs fresh air and a clean environment; Therefore, when the air is polluted, their body cannot function properly and therefore they suffer from respiratory diseases, so it is useful for families to prevent air pollution and keep their children in clean air.”

Abdul Naseer Nasrat, EPA audit and monitoring head, said surge in the population and number of vehicle was the main reason behind growing air pollution in Nangarhar.

He added the EPA stopped generators, vehicles, factories and other source that contribute in the air pollution.

Referring to a particular machine that judge the air pollution, he said the machine is not functioning due to technical issue and they were unable to determine the air pollution.

He termed public cooperation vital in maintaining air pollution, adding that all material that increase air pollution should not be used as fuel.


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