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Jirga ends bloody feud between two families in Nimroz

Jirga ends bloody feud between two families in Nimroz

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27 Aug 2023 - 20:11
Jirga ends bloody feud between two families in Nimroz
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27 Aug 2023 - 20:11

ZARANJ (Pajhwok): Two families have reconciled in northwestern Nimroz province, ending their enmity that has claimed four lives, thanks to mediation of tribal elders and local officials.

The enmity between the families of two brothers Abdul Manan and Abdul Sattar in Delaram district started over a mobile phone.

This enmity continued for a week and as a result, four members of these two families were killed, but local officials and elders intervened and made peace between the two families through formation of a jirga.

Jirga members: If Jirga had not been established, the enmity would have had worse consequences.

Mullah Gulnabi Nafez, Delaram district chief, told Pajhwok Afghan News that a week ago a fight between two brothers named Abdul Sattar and Abdul Manan took place after one of them found a mobile phone.

He said: “The clash between the two brothers occurred a week ago over the small issue that escalated into a bloody confrontation. They killed each other using sticks, staves and knives”.

Gulnabi said: “Each brother had four sons and in this war one brother and one of his sons were killed and the second brother lost two sons”.

He said two sons of Abdul Manan were killed and Abdul Sattar and one of his sons were killed.

He said: “The jirga discussed resolving the conflict until it was turned into friendship, we got a commitment from both sides not to fight each other in the future and this issue was resolved peacefully”.

He said Islam was a religion of peace, brotherhood, unity, harmony and equality and it was their obligation to work for peace and reconciliation.

“Now that peace and security has been ensured throughout the country, all of us as Muslims should try to maintain peace and eliminate disunity among people,” the district administrative chief said.

According to him, the two brothers belonged to Darzai tribe and their conflict had a negative impact on the tribe’s morale.

Meanwhile, Maulavi Asadullah, Khashrod district chief and a member of the jirga, said: “Enmity causes discord between future generations and disrupts the order of society, Islam is a religion of friendship and love, so it is necessary for all of us as Muslims to forgive small mistakes so that these mistakes do not lead to big sins and enmity”.

He invited both families to peace and brotherhood and said: “If we had solved the issue timely, four people would not have been killed because of a mobile phone.”

He said: “Today, fortunately with intervention of elders and efforts of the local administration, a great war and enmity between two families, who are of the same blood, skin and flesh, turned into peace and their differences were resolved”.

Meanwhile, Haji Abdul Karim, a representative of Darzai tribe, addressed both families: “Enmity offers nothing but destruction and the enmity ends today, so your future generation is safe and you will not harm each other”.

According to him, tribal elders did their best to solve the enmity so that both families put aside their differences and forgave each other.

He said the four decades of wars in Afghanistan had a negative impact on the minds of youth who attack each other over trivial issues, leading to bloodshed and conflict.

One of the warring sides: If we had used logic and our children would not have become emotional, we would have avoided the bloodshed.

Abdul Manan, who lost two sons to the enmity, said he had a fight with his brother over a simple issue and now he regretted his actions and wanted to put an end to their enmity.

“In addition to my two sons, I lost my brother and my nephew, I wish it had not happened. If we had used logic and our children had not become emotional, we wouldn’t have faced this,” he added.

Abdul Manan with tears in his eyes said: “Four people went to the grave, this pain is heavy, we are members of one body, we must make peace because the end of this war is in the interest of both families to save our next generation from hatred and a dangerous future, we must forgive the bloodshed and fulfill God’s command, which says,

خَيْرٌ وَالصُّلْحُ”.

He and other elders asked the two families to put aside their differences and reconcile because neither side could win the war.


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