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UK judge releases 2011 Afghan execution audio

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8 Nov 2013 - 08:38
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8 Nov 2013 - 08:38

KABUL, a UK-based newspaper reported on Friday.

Recorded in Helmand province in September 2011 by a marine’s helmet-mounted camera, the video was released as the judge summed up the evidence at their court martial on Thursday.

A single gunshot could be heard, followed by grunts from the militant, during the recording that lasts six minutes and 24 seconds, according to Daily Mirror.

Known only as Marines A, B and C, the service members have been charged with the murder of the Afghan, who was found injured in a field after an attack by an Apache helicopter.

One soldier can be heard saying: “There you are. Shuffle off this mortal coil….It‘s nothing you wouldn‘t do to us. Obviously this doesn‘t go anywhere fellas, I just broke the Geneva Convention.”

Bulford Court Judge Jeff Blackett said the video which accompanies the audio could not be released, as it might be used for propaganda purposes by militants, though he ordered the release of some stills from it.

The marine patrol hauls the rebel across the field and into a wooded area, throwing him to the ground. Marine A is heard asking “Anybody want to do first aid on this idiot?”

Marine B replies “no”. Marine C offers to shoot the man in the head, which is refused as Marine A rules “that would be f****** obvious”. Marine A is seen moving forward and shooting the man at close range in his chest.

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