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All should work to end violence: Badghis scholar

All should work to end violence: Badghis scholar

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19 Dec 2021 - 17:32
All should work to end violence: Badghis scholar
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19 Dec 2021 - 17:32

QALA-I-NAW (Pajhwok): Abdul Latif Sediqi, imam (prayer leader) at a mosque in Qala-i-Naw, capital of western Badghis province, has resolved dozens of disputes. He says now that peace has been enforced across the country, it is time for all people to work for the elimination of social violence.

Serving as imam at the Hazrat Abdul Rahman Bin Auf Mosque in the Baghlar area of Qala-i-Naw, Sediqi said there were various problems in Afghan society, particularly in Badghis province.

In an exclusive interview with Pajhwok Afghan News, the 55-year-old said he had spent 25 years trying to resolve disputes in Badghis province. He is happy over playing a role in addressing cases that could have turned violent and deadly.

“The main causes of conflicts in our district are long-running land disputes, irrigation water, inheritance and other similar issues,” he added.

Sediqi said the presence of such issues led to divisions and disputes among people. Such things could lead to violence and bloodshed in society, he believed.

However, the prayer leader said he felt encouraged to engage with the parties involved and try to resolve such issues.

Known as a kind-hearted peacemaker, the influential leader said preventing ethnic and tribal disputes was the duty of every individual.

“Islam is a religion of peace and moderation. Every Muslim must work hard to resolve small and big disputes to make our society free of divisions,” he remarked.

The low level of literacy and little awareness about Islamic teachings caused differences and social problems in Badghis, he explained.

In his sermons, Sediqi often highlights issues that trigger disputes and violence, including women’s rights, inheritance and dowry. He touches on topics that cause problems in society, families and ethnic groups.

Most of the disputes the imam has ended pertain to inheritance and ownership of property among families.

He said he launched reconciliatory efforts when differences morphed into serious disputes. He has been able to resolve them.

“When I meet people at odds, I tell them you are my brothers. Our religion offers a clear solution to every problem,” the religious scholar added.

Islam does not allow anyone to usurp the rights of brothers, sisters or other people, he explains. “When I make things clear to them and when they understand, I give the deserving individuals their right and the case is resolved peacefully.”

Sediqi continues: “Violence arises when one person oppresses another, when someone violates the rights or values of others.”

Mohammad Iqbal, a resident of Baghlar area, said about the imam’s activities: “Sediqi is our leader. He is a prominent scholar. Whenever we run into problems, we refer to him and he helps us with his advice.”

He acknowledged the scholar had been able to sort out many disputes in the area. He recalled there was an inheritance dispute in a family a few years ago. but Sediqi mediated and resolved it peacefully.

“The issue was so completed as cousins had differences over the division of land of their grandfathers. They nearly killed each other.

“But Maulvi Sediqi, God bless him, made peace between them and divided the land based on Quran and Hadith. All of them are now happy,” Iqbal said.

Noor Ahmad, another resident, said: “Inhabitants of our area should call. Sediqi the ambassador of peace. Sediqi Sahib has solved very complex family issues with his wisdom and knowledge.”

He said most local elders cooperated with Sediqi on resolving disputes and helping eliminate violence from society.


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