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Pajhwok distributes 1m afs to anti-graft campaign participants

Pajhwok distributes 1m afs to anti-graft campaign participants

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12 Jan 2022 - 19:34
Pajhwok distributes 1m afs to anti-graft campaign participants
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12 Jan 2022 - 19:34

KABUL (Pajhwok): Pajhwok Afghan News distributed credit cards worth 1 million 40 thousands afghanis among 947 successful participants of a 20-day anti-corruption campaign.

Financially supported by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the campaign concluded yesterday.

The campaign focused on corruption in public works projects, poor quality of project work, injustice and corruption in the distribution of aid to the needy, usurpation of land and property and violation of people’s rights by the authorities and powerful people.

As many as 1800 participants in the campaign sent their views, topics and videos about corruption to Pajhwok via WhatsApp, and after evaluating by a selected panel, 948 participants were declared eligible for award.

Opinions and issues related to corruption:

Of the 947 selected individuals, 862 persons shared their views on how to counter corruption and raised issues relating to corruption.

A majority of these individuals said in order to curb corruption, the government should take the issue of punishment seriously, build electronic systems, hire competent people, fix reasonable salaries of government employees and fight corruption as a religious responsibility.

Others complained of injustice and corruption in the distribution of aid to those in need and shared their views about its prevention, and cited examples of corruption in the distribution of aid in some rural areas.

Videos and pictures:

In the Pajhwok campaign, 45 people shared pictures and 40 others shared videos related to corruption.

Some of the photos and videos are about land grabbing and some show examples of abuse of power by former officials, while others show low quality and corruption in public projects.


Best opinion sender was awarded a 1,000 afghani credit card, a 2,000 afghani credit card was awarded for a picture showing corruption, and a 3500 afghani credit card for a sender of a video showing corruption.

Danish Karokhel, Pajhwok Afghan News editor-in-chief, said the campaign was aimed at instilling anti-corruption sentiment in people and encouraging them to take part in it.

Karokhel also said that with this campaign, Pajhwok has been able to reach out to people in the current difficult situation in the country and help them financially.

“It was a very important and effective campaign,” said Khabib Hasrat, a successful campaign participant. Such campaigns encourage people to take part in the fight against corruption and also strengthen the sense that Afghanistan is their country and that as citizens they can do good for their country.”

Another participant, Baryalai Salek, called the campaign important and said: “Do not remain silent to prevent corruption. If you find anything related to corruption, send it to Pajhwok Afghan News so that you can do your duty faithfully.


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