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10 people killed, 1 injured in Afghanistan last week

10 people killed, 1 injured in Afghanistan last week

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23 Jul 2022 - 20:03
10 people killed, 1 injured in Afghanistan last week
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23 Jul 2022 - 20:03

KABUL (Pajhwok): Ten people were killed and an eleventh injured in violence in Afghanistan last week, when some sources renewed their call for reopening of girls high schools and stressed the international community’s practical and constructive cooperation with the Afghan government.

Major events last week

Pakistan urges world to have practical, constructive cooperation with Afghanistan

Malaysia pledges continued cooperation with Taliban govt, Afghans

Acting interior minister:  America, world should unfreeze Afghan assets

Khost youth: Frozen money right of Afghans, should be released forthwith

Pakistan: Frozen Afghan money be released, Afghan banking system be revived, economic problems reduced

UNAMA, Karzai, Kunar ulema demand reopening of girls high schools

10 people killed, one injured in Afghanistan last week


Four alleged Daesh militants were killed and their three foreign associates captured alive during operations by security forces in Kabul and Samangan provinces.

Unidentified gunmen killed a shopkeeper in Laghman, a teacher in Paktia, a public representative in Balkh and a civilian in Faryab provinces.

An NGO official was found dead in Farah and the corpse of another person was found in Parwan province, according to reports.

According to Pajhwok weekly reports, 20 people were killed and seven others were wounded in Afghanistan in the previous week.

Hundreds of people would get killed and wounded in the country in the past conflict on weekly-basis.

 UNAMA, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, says despite a significant reduction in violence in the past ten months, more than 2,000 civilians were killed and injured in Afghanistan and human rights were violated.

But the acting government rejected the UNAMA report as incorrect and based on wrong information.

A number of young people in Khost province last week asked international human rights organizations to investigate war crimes committed by the world’s superpowers in Afghanistan and bring the criminals to justice.

World’s interaction with Afghanistan

No country has yet recognized the Taliban government that seized power in August last year, but there is some kind of interaction between this government and the world.

According to reports, last week, Pakistan’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sohail Mehmood, in a meeting with China’s special representative for Afghanistan Ambassador Yue Xiaoyong , said that the international community should have constructive and practical cooperation with the caretaker government of Afghanistan.

He said Pakistan wanted a peaceful, stable and developed Afghanistan.

Last week, Malaysian FM’s Special Adviser for Afghanistan Dato Ahmad Azam Ab Rahman said in a meeting with Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan Amir Khan Muttaqi that his country desired continued cooperation with the acting government of Afghanistan and the Afghans.

Last week, a delegation from Pakistan’s Ministry of Commerce also arrived in Kabul. Officials say the talks focused on strengthening and facilitating trade between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Transit trade, transport and economic relations also came up for discussion.

Meanwhile, the Acting Minister of Interior says Afghanistan poses no threat to any country in the world and it has the ability to maintain positive bilateral relations with the world which should recognize it as an Islamic Emirate.

Last week, US President Joe Biden and Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in a joint statement stressed the need to fight against “terrorists” in Afghanistan, strengthen security, continue humanitarian aid and emphasized on the rights of women and girls.

Request for release of frozen funds

Last week, some Khost youths during a protest asked the US to release frozen money of Afghanistan as it belonged to the common people and the decision to freeze the money was unfair.

Also, the Acting Minister of Interior of Afghanistan asked the international community, especially the United States of America, to release the frozen money of Afghanistan because the money was the right of the entire nation of Afghanistan.

Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs also requested that the frozen money of Afghanistan should be released, so that the banking system in the country could be reactivated and economic problems reduced.

However, last week the White House said the US has so far no plan to release the frozen money, which is in a number of banks around the world.

“Closed schools for girls should be opened”

The school year started in late March this year, but the government postponed the opening of girls’ high and middle schools the same day and said that they were working on a plan in this regard and after completion, these schools will be opened, something yet to happen.

Last week, Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General and the Acting Head of UNAMA in Afghanistan, Markus Potzel, during a meeting with officials in eastern Nangarhar province insisted on the continuation of UN assistance and also requested the opening of girls’ schools.

Also, Fiona Frazer, head of UNAMA’s human rights department, says they are in contact with the Islamic Emirate to open the doors of girls’ schools.

According to reports, former president Hamid Karzai and some religious scholars in Kunar province also asked the caretaker government to reopen girls’ high and secondary schools.


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