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Time for Afghanistan to change into Asia crossroad: Muttaqi

Time for Afghanistan to change into Asia crossroad: Muttaqi

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26 Jul 2022 - 18:08
Time for Afghanistan to change into Asia crossroad: Muttaqi
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26 Jul 2022 - 18:08

KABUL (Pajhwok): Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi on Tuesday said their government had firm determination to transform Afghanistan into the center of peace, stability and economic cooperation.

“We seek stability for both us and the world. Stability in Afghanistan not only guarantees stability in the entire region, but Afghan stability is a key cog for regional economic prosperity and development,” Muttaqi said, while addressing participants of an international conference in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

He said economic centralism was a fundamental pillar of the caretaker government’s new foreign policy.

“The time has come for Afghanistan to practically transform into the crossroad of Asia. Reliable security, serious political will and transparent administrative structure are elements conducive for achieving this end,” he said.

He said Afghanistan was the closest and cheapest trade route between Central and South Asia.

“We have made a commitment with the international community in the Doha Agreement that no group or individual will be allowed to use the soil of Afghanistan against another country.”

He said the Taliban viewed regional and world security interconnected with the security of Afghanistan.

He said they expected the United States to fulfill their part of the commitments made in the first part of the Doha Agreement.

“Our defense and security forces have made good progress against Daesh. Following failed efforts to disrupt security on Uzbekistan border in recent months, our security forces launched operations against the perpetrators — killing some and detaining others. We will not allow Daesh or any other group to use the territory of Afghanistan against another country.”

Muttaqi also urged the United States to unconditionally release all reserves of the Afghan central bank and lift all economic sanctions on Afghanistan.

“This is a fundamental step towards normalization of relations, and this action will have a positive impact on the mindset of Afghans vis-a-vis America. We also call on other world countries to begin official engagement with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to secure long-term legitimate bilateral interests.”

“The strategic location, vast natural resources, and availability of diligent and affordable manpower in Afghanistan under the shade of reliable security and sincere political determination is an excellent investment opportunity.”

He said their government managed to establish security, revive the security sector, maintain government infrastructure and personnel, continue providing basic services to citizens.

“For the first time ever declare a national budget purely reliant on state revenues, uproot corruption and assure objective inclusivity”.

Muttaqi said their supreme leader laid the foundation for a culture of tolerance and acceptance and ended the disastrous four-decade tradition of revenge.

“Not only was a general amnesty enforced, but workers from the previous administration continue work in mid-level all the way up to director and deputy minister positions.”

The Islamic Emirate has created a contact group for return of former political figures at Prime Minister’s Political Deputy level where majority members are state Ministers.

He said the Islamic Emirate believed that Afghanistan was the shared home of Afghans and all had a right to a dignified life in their homeland.


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