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Govt must bring about immediate reforms: Analysts

Govt must bring about immediate reforms: Analysts

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21 Nov 2022 - 19:55
Govt must bring about immediate reforms: Analysts
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21 Nov 2022 - 19:55

KABUL (Pajhwok): Some analysts say it is essential that the caretaker government brings about fundamental reforms with immediate effect and say a government should be formed based on a new constitution and steps should be taken towards elections.

The caretaker government of Afghanistan has not yet commented on these remarks of the analysts, but its officials had repeatedly asked the international community to recognize their government.

The officials say the current caretaker government is inclusive and efforts are being made to make it more inclusive.

Debate needed for formation of new system

Ustad Mohammad Akbari, head of the Islamic Defence Party, told Pajhwok Afghan News that the current situation required some reforms.

“The Islamic Emirate should give share in the system to all those who were not in conflict with them in the past 20 years, so that these people think they are not deprived of the system.”

He added that he wanted an Islamic system in which all Afghans could participate, give their opinions and suggestions and respond to Sharia demands.

According to Akbari, Afghanistan is in dire need of a new constitution, there is a need for discussion and reasoning for the formation of a new government.

Officials should declare program for creation of new govt

Dr. Fazal Hadi Wazeen, a university professor and politician, also told Pajhwok that Afghanistan needed urgent reforms.

He said: “The drafting and approval of the constitution, the formation of the government according to the constitution and the announcement of other laws and the program of new government should be given priority.”

According to him, the opening of schools above sixth grade for girls and economic reforms should be at the top of the new programme.

Elections should be held on the basis of national unity

Political affairs expert Qazi Najibullah Jameh told Pajhwok it was time to consider important issues, fundamental and meaningful reforms.

He says: “It should start with the opening of girls’ schools as soon as possible, the announcement of the constitution, the convening of a Grand Jirga, changes in the cabinet, support for national unity and moving towards elections”.

Pajhwok shared all the topics included in this report with deputy spokesman of the caretaker government Bilal Karimi but he did not respond until 2:00pm.


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