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Some officials against closure of women higher education

Some officials against closure of women higher education

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21 Dec 2022 - 14:22
Some officials against closure of women higher education
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21 Dec 2022 - 14:22

ATLANTA (Pajhwok): Some acting government officials and key figures have expressed concerns over the ban on women higher education in Afghanistan.

Former Afghan politicians and other ordinary people have condemned the ban on women education; in addition some government officials have also opposed this decision.

Nazar Mohammad Mutmaeen, the head of Afghan Olympic Committee on his twitter wrote: “It would have been better not to have access to twitter, Facebook, radio nor watch television. I wished to have a house in abandoned mountainous place and not have any responsibilities, no complaints from anyone, such decision generates foes, widen distances between the government and people, the nation is always the winner in such wars”.

A social media activist Walid, in response to Mutmaeen wrote: “No one blocked your way, resign and live somewhere in a desert, you can have a calm life there”.

Shafi Azam, the deputy of Foreign Ministry in economic affairs wrote on his twitter: “Oh God! Don’t make us shamed in front of those rivals with whom, because of your religion and regime, we broke all of the boundaries of enmity”.

Azam in a reply to criticize of another person wrote, he (Azam) did not do all these because of position; he did all these because of Islamic regime.

Khairullah Shinwari, the head of information technology department of the Foreign Ministry wrote on his twitter: “Oh God, we were backing up your religion and worshipers, after going through all those hard and sour days, help us to pass these challenges as well, the Afghans cannot tolerate any more miseries and crises, the country cannot tolerate more crises, it seems the worshippers cannot tolerate any more”.

Faiz Mohammad Zaland, lecturer of university and a supporter of the current government has posted a copy of that letter which announced the ban on girls’ education and wrote: “Some questions of some sympatric and oppressed Afghans: if someone is killed in demonstration against this decision, or if someone commits suicide, heads out to another country and stuck in the strife of any Kafer regime, then who will be holding the responsibility in such case?

Another government official General Mobin has also posted to copy of the order and said: “May Allah have mercy of Afghans”.

In Mobin’s second tweet, he writes: “Country good bye, Good bye”.

After an hour in Mobin’s third tweet he writes: “Struggle! Me and you were obeying the orders of our leaders, when there were dozens of western planes in the sky, why shouldn’t we accept other orders too, the leader with whose order we smoked our bodies. There is goodness in the order, there is happiness in this world and the other world in obedience”.

Many users of social media have expressed their support or opposition to the postponement of women higher education in the country.


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