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Disabled Hussain struggling to support his family

Disabled Hussain struggling to support his family

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31 Jan 2023 - 17:26
Disabled Hussain struggling to support his family
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31 Jan 2023 - 17:26

NELLI (Pajhwok): Hussain Qarbani is a disabled man from central Daikundi province and sells mobile phones credit cards from morning till the evening to earn food for his family.

Hussain who move with the help of a wheelchair believed if there was no conflict his story would have been different now, but war and its consequences destroyed his life and the lives of several many Afghans.

After serving in the military for eight years, Hussain decided to distance himself from the bloodshed and start a new peaceful life in Nelli, the capital of Daikundi province.

He was on his way to Nelli when the vehicle he was travelling struck a roadside bomb in the Chaharchina area of Uruzgan province and he was paralised by both feet.

He hailed from Nelli by origion and currently live in Kabul in a rent house from the past some time.

“I was in the military for eight years and decided to take early retirement and live alongside with my children. We were traveling in a vehicle when the blast hit our vehicle and that blast destroyed my life.”

He added all the miseries were generated from the war, had there been no war nobody would have been suffering from disabilities and other problems.

He added his boy was not supporting him and he moved with the support of wheelchair.

He said in 2014 when he was injured in the blast, his and his family life became terrible.

“When this happened, I lost hope from the life, our family members moved me from one place to another, really I am tired from this life.”

Hussain said all the fortunes are linked with healthy body and hoped that currently peace last forever and nobody suffer from fighting and conflict the way he suffered.

He said he has a wife and two children and in order to support them it was very difficult.

He said he sold different items on wheelchair in Nelli for many years but he was unable to properly support his family.

“If it was peaceful in the past the way it is now I could work and fully support my family, there would be no need to seek support from other people,” he added.

He said since he started living in Kabul he received one wheelchair from the Red Cross and no institution provided him with the support.

Hussain added 5,000 afs he received from the Martyred and Disabled Department was not enough for him and his family.

He said in this harsh winter he daily sold mobile phones credit cards to earn livelihood for his children.

But despite harsh winter and economic vows he was still happy that at least there peace and stability.

Hussain’s wife Rehan told Pajhwok Afghan News since her husband got injured and paralyzed she had to bear all the difficulties of the life.

“Although I don’t work and there is no work to do but still I strive for my children and there is no individual and institution that helped us.”

She asked government and well off people to support her family.

Hussain said it was difficult for him when he is unable to purchase clothes, shoes and other items for his children.

He asked the government and other institutions for support since he was not able to work and provide food and other necessary items for his family.


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