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Govt urged to increase custom duty on similar imported products  

Govt urged to increase custom duty on similar imported products  

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25 Feb 2024 - 21:04
Govt urged to increase custom duty on similar imported products  
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25 Feb 2024 - 21:04

HERAT CITY (Pajhwok): Some shoe producers in western Herat province have expressed concerns over the import products which are similar to locally produced products and said this practice stagnated the market of domestic products and nearly forced them to close their factories.

They asked from the government to ban the imports of similar shoes that they produce or increase the custom duty on the imports of such items.

Basir Ahmad Yawari, a shareholder at Sediqi shoe factory, told Pajhwok Afghan News that their products’ sales were not in such a good condition in the markets, the situation far from they expected.

He added if the situation of the domestic shoe market in Herat continued in the same way, it is possible that the remaining factories would stop their activities soon.

According to Yawari the reason behind this situation in the markets is the availability of forged shoes products in the markets, they produced a pair of shoes for 200 afs, but the forged copy of the same shoes was available in the markets for 150 afs.

Yewari asked the government to increase the custom duty on forged shoes import which will generate more jobs for the people in the shoe production factories.

Khalifa Mohammad Dawood is another shoe producer of Herat province, he told Pajhwok, the domestically produced shoes are more better in quality than the imported shoes from Iran or Pakistan, so the government must support the domestic products.

He said that he hired 15 workers in his factory, if the government increased income tax on shoed import, he could hire up to 30 workers in his shoe factory.

He added, there are over 300 factories in Herat province that produce shoes and there are up to 15 workers in every factory.

Abdul Wahab Amini, head of the shoe producing factories union, also expressed his concern over the existence of fake copies of shoes in domestic markets.

He added there were about 350 factories in Herat, 100 factories failed and closed within the last year and 250 other factories are operating with great difficulties.

The shoe producing guild lost over 1,000 shoe makers during the past one year while some of them traveled to foreign countries.

He said: “We want the government to increase the custom tax on similar shoe imports so that the employees of the said guild can continue to work in this sector in this province.

Mawlavi Bashir Mohammad Seerat, head of the Commerce and Industry Department, said the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) supported all of the investors and businessmen.

The government has so far increased the custom duty on the imports of 18 items, but raising tax on such products required market analysis and evaluation, as well as supply and demand, until it is determined at what time the customs product should be reduced or increased.

The officials of shoe production guild said if a proper business environment is provided for them and the customs duty on imported shoes increased, they have the capability to supply good quality shoes to all the markets of Herat and even other provinces.



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