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IEA urged to allow girls go to schools, universities

10 Mar 2024 - 17:40
10 Mar 2024 - 17:40

KABUL (Pajhwok): On the eve of the new educational year, some girls have asked the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) government to allow them go to their schools and universities in compliance with the Islamic Hijab.

After the takeover of the IEA on August 15, 2021, girls’ education above class sixth and later on at the university level was banned.

This comes that just a few days are left before the beginning of the new educational year, but girls who had been stopped from going to schools and universities still did not know whether by the start of the new education year they would be allowed to go to schools or not?

One of the girls said: “Every night it comes in my dream that the IEA allowed girls to go to schools.”

Fatima, who was a seventh-class student at one of Kabul’s schools before the collapse of the previous regime, said: “We miss our books, classrooms, classmates, teachers and the school’s campus, I dream every night that the government of the IEA announces that all of the girls can go to schools.”

Fatima has more interest in study and education, she said: “Every year, my mother purchased a new school uniform, bag, stationery and everything for us and I also covered all of my new books willingly.”

As she looked at the books of her younger sister, tears flowed from her eyes and she said: “I wish the IEA to announce that all of the girls are allowed to go to schools this year (1403 solar year) and introduce its new school uniform as well.”

Madina, another eighth-class student from Khair Khana area of the capital also waits for the doors of the schools above grade six to be opened for education.

Madina said: “We are Muslims, we observed Hijab because it is an obligation, while observing Hijab we want to follow our education.”

She also asked the IEA government not to bar girls from getting the education anymore and to allow them to attend their schools during the upcoming academic year.

Another tenth-class student Meena, said: “Since the doors of the schools are shut for girls, they (IEA officials) said they are working on a strategy for schools, three years elapsed and why is the strategy not completed, we don’t know why it could not be finalized.”

She continued: “Alhamdulillah we are Muslims, we do not wear clothes which are against the Shariah law, we want to observe our Hijab and study.”

She remained topper in her class during 10 years of her education and hoped to study medicine in the future and serve the community as a doctor.

She said: “We want the Ministry of Education not to bother the girls anymore and facilitate them to get education.”

Esra, a student of the third semester at Ghalib University’s medical faculty, said: “Believe me when the IEA announced that the educational institutions are closed until the next order, we lost hope and we are upset about the resumption of education, I hope for the quick resumption of our studies.”

Esra said: “Observing the Hijab is a religious obligation, Alhamdulillah we are Muslims, we observed hijab and we will do so, whatever Hijab the IEA call for we will observe.”

Esra is originally from eastern Nuristan province which is why she chose the faculty of maternity medicine because there are no female health personnel in that province and she wants to serve her community.

She asked the IEA to open the doors of schools and universities for girls.

Tahmina Ahmadi, fifth semester of economics at a private university said: “As I go to sleep every night, I hope to hear some good news about the university education.”

According to Ahmadi, girls and women play vital roles in education, to develop a country, there is a need for education.

She added: “Thank Allah (SWTA) we are Muslims, we observe hijab and we want the government of IEA to give us good news about the opening of schools and universities in New Year, we want to study like our brothers and become a source of service to our community.”

A political analyst Qazi Najibullah Jame, said there is no justification or obstacle for anyone to prevent girls from going to schools and universities in the next academic year.

Jami said: “We want the Afghan girls to go to universities and schools and the women must be provided employment opportunities as well.”

Jami believes that the curriculum and uniform of the schools were according to the values of Islamic sharia and our customs in the past, if anyone does not like a part of the curriculum, he could reform it according to his vision.

Pajhwok Afghan News tried to have the opinion of officials of the IEA but it did not succeed.

IEA officials have always said that the ban on girls’ education is temporary, and when the conditions are met, girls will be allowed to study.


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