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Faryab intelligence chief pardons his son’s murderers

Faryab intelligence chief pardons his son’s murderers

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26 Dec 2022 - 17:44
Faryab intelligence chief pardons his son’s murderers
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26 Dec 2022 - 17:44

MAIMANA (Pajhwok): A government official in northwestern Faryab province has pardoned the murderers of his son, a move that earned admiration and appreciation from local residents and religious scholars.

Three months earlier, the son of Faryab intelligence chief was killed mistakenly by his two bodyguards. The attackers were detained and investigated.

The father of slain person said that the purpose of pardon was to set an example for others.

Haji Ghulam Farooq Mudabir, intelligence chief of Faryab province, told Pajhwok Afghan News his 22-year-old Qari Abdul Basit was killed three months earlier as a result of firing from his security guards inside the intelligence office.

He added, he was in Kabul to attend a seminar when the incident happened and both the killers were arrested by the local personnel and put in the jail.

He added, after 17 days he was provided complete information regarding the killing of his son.

He said: “My son Qari Abdul Basit, and two security guards Zubair and Talha were setting in room. Zubair and Talha were cleaning the weapon and suddenly a fire take place and his son who was studying got killed.”

Regarding the pardoning of his son’s murderers, he said: “Abdul Basit was working as Achive Director in the past 14 months when I was appointed as intelligence director. But till the time of his martyrdom nobody in the office knew that he is my son. We were arranging his wedding in 15 days before he got martyred.”

He said the purpose behind the pardon of his son’s murderers was to set an example for others so that other people stop taking revenge and take one another in huge instead of promoting bloodshed.

People hailed pardon

Mohammad Arif, the resident of Maimana City, hailed the decision of intelligence chief to pardon his son’s killers and added there were feud in some families and individuals that lasted for years and caused bloodshed.

He added all families involved in feud should learn from the pardon of intelligence chief and enter friendship and brotherhood.

Ahmad Khalid, another resident of Maimana, also hailed the pardoning of two murderers and said people should not promote violence and enmity inherited by mistake and unintentionally.

Pardoning an admirable act: Scholars

Mufti Najibullah Qureshi, Khateb of Abu Hanifa Mosque and member of Faryab Ulema, hailed the decision of Haji Ghulam Farooq regarding the pardoning of his son murderers and termed it a brave decision.

He narrative the prophet (PBUH) as saying: “Bravery and heroism is not about taking revenge, solving problems and defeating the other side, but a hero is someone who controls her anger, tolerate and has forgiveness.”

Someone who is at the peak of power, has full competence and strength, he can take revenge on the murderers of his son and prevail over the other side; But he forgives and embraces, having given up revenge; In fact, he implemented the order of Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet, and his action is worthy of praise.


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