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Minaret of Jam urgently needs reconstruction: Ghor residents

Minaret of Jam urgently needs reconstruction: Ghor residents

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4 Jul 2023 - 19:59
Minaret of Jam urgently needs reconstruction: Ghor residents
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4 Jul 2023 - 19:59

FEROZKOH (Pajhwok): Some residents and local officials of western Ghor province are concerned about possible collapse of the historic Minaret of Jam, accusing the past government of negligence.

Bahauddin, in charge of Minaret of Jam, Pajhwok Afghan News that in recent months most of the tiles of the minaret had collapsed and some cracks also appeared in the stairs and pillars of the minaret.

He added: “Unfortunately, the cracks inside the minaret have increased, if the relevant authorities do not pay attention, this historic site will collapse”

According to him, in the past several years, no institution has paid attention to the restoration and care of the minaret, and every year floods and natural disasters increase the risk of the minaret collapsing.

Some residents want the Islamic Emirate and the United Nations Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to pay attention to the reconstruction of this minaret.

Mullah Abdul Halim, one of the residents of Ghor area located near the Minaret of Jam, expressed concern about the bad condition of the historical monument and told Pajhwok that the previous government did not pay attention to the reconstruction of the minaret and that was why its condition was deteriorating day by day.

He demanded attention of the government towards reconstruction of the minaret and said all historical monuments should be protected.

Agha Mohammad, another resident, also asked the Islamic Emirate and international organizations to rebuild the Minaret of Jam before it collapses.

He said: “The Minaret of Jam is one of the old monuments and our national asset, and it should be given serious attention. While the minaret is collapsing, there is a high risk of floods that may further destroy the minaret. We request the world and the Islamic Emirate to pay attention so this national capital of ours is not destroyed.”

He said UNESCO recognized the Minaret of Jam as a world’s heritage site in 2002. “Despite being  one of the world’s heritage sites and  promises of officials to restore it in the past, nothing was done to restore it.”

Meanwhile, Ghor Information and Culture director Mohammad Hamas told Pajhwok that the Minaret of Jam was collapsing and attention should be paid to its reconstruction.

The clay Minaret of Jam Ghor is 800 years old and is located in the Jam region of Shahrak district. With a height of 65 meters, the minaret is the second tallest in the world after the Qutb Minar in  New Delhi. It was built during the reign of Sultan Ghiyasuddin Ghori.


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