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Afghans strongly react to Pakistani airstrikes

Afghans strongly react to Pakistani airstrikes

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17 Apr 2022 - 17:37
Afghans strongly react to Pakistani airstrikes
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17 Apr 2022 - 17:37

KABUL (Pajhwok): Afghans strongly reacted to attacks from Pakistani military on Afghanistan territory and termed them the beginning of humiliation for the neighboring country.

Reactions to Pakistan’s attacks:

  • Pakistan should not get benefit from the miserable situation of Afghans.
  • Afghans should learn unity and brotherhood from Pakistan’s hostile actions.
  • The government should think of building a strong state instead of interfering in minor issues of people’s lives.
  • Had Afghans not destroyed each other throughout the history, they would not have been attacked by a weak enemy.
  • Do not get upset, the attack was the beginning of Pakistan’s humiliation.
  • Afghans should give a hard slap to its enemies in a united position.
  • Islamic Emirate should take revenge so Pakistan stops such acts in future.
  • Afghan government says Islamabad should not force Afghans to retaliate.

Pakistani security forces carried out airstrike on Waziristan refugees in Sperai district of southeastern Khost province and in the Shaltan district of eastern Kunar province, inflicting casualties on people.

A number of Afghans, some supporters and officials of the current government and some officials of the previous government reacted to the incident.

What do politicians say?

Former Afghan Ambassador to Islamabad Abdul Salam Zaeef in a tweet said, “Any so-called bombing on Afghan soil is an invasion of the country’s territory and we strongly condemn it. If there is any problem it has to be solved politically and diplomatically. Remember, there is tomorrow after every night.”

Abdul Sattar Saadat, former head of Independent Electoral Complaints Commission, also in a Facebook post said, “Pakistani planes violated our airspace and its bombardments also violated UN charter, the act is a clear invasion; these actions from Pakistan show that this country is not committed to be a good neighbor and it seeks its interests through hostile ways instead of following good relations.”

Referring to the summoning of Pakistan’s ambassador by the Afghan government, he said, “The summoning of Pakistani ambassador was a responsible act. We should have declared war with Pakistan instead of giving the envoy a complaint letter, I believe that all were pained by the video clips of innocent martyrs circulating on social media.”

He said that Afghans should learn lesson of brotherhood from such hostile acts and the government should work for building a strong state instead of interfering in minor issues of people’s lives.

Former Nangarhar governor, Zia-ul-HaqAmarkhail also said that Pakistani attacks were a clear invasion of Afghan territory and a clear violation of neighborliness during the holy month of Ramadan.

“I hope the incident would be seriously followed. If we had not destroyed each other throughout history, the lions of the Afghan mountains would not be the food of foxes today,” he said.

The say of ordinary Afghans about the incident

Afghan Al-Hanafi, one of Afghans on social media in a tweet said, “Don’t get upset! Last night was the first night of Pakistan’s humiliation.”

He said that history showed any oppressor who attacked Afghans were defeated.

Another man, Mohammad Karwan, on Facebook said, “Pakistan’s bombing of Kunar and Khost provinces is an oppression as the American occupation has done to Afghans in the last 20 years! But the Afghans were not defeated, but the American occupation was defeated…”

Naseebullah, another Afghan in a Facebook post said that Pakistan never wanted a stable, strong and united Afghanistan.

“Afghans should keep their unity and protect peace whatever it costs, they should have a united stance and give a hard slap to the enemy,” he said.

MatiullahTurab, a well-known poet of the country, also said, “Neighboring and other countries’ jets are flying over Afghanistan every day, and Pakistan is bombing even civilians, but we are sitting here and think the country is liberated. The country is occupied and we should show a historic courage.”

Meanwhile, Afghan officials condemned Pakistan’s attack on Afghan soil, saying that if attacks repeated, Afghans will be forced to take reciprocal action to defend their territory.

The Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned Pakistan’s ambassador to Kabul, Mansoor Ahmad Khan, in response to the attacks.

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) has also expressed concern over Pakistan’s attacks on Afghanistan and civilian casualties, saying that civilians should not be targeted in any conflict.


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