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Physicians stress immediate treatment of bladder infection

Physicians stress immediate treatment of bladder infection

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16 Sep 2023 - 21:06
Physicians stress immediate treatment of bladder infection
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16 Sep 2023 - 21:06

KABUL (Pajhwok): Physicians have warned against bladder infection and urged early treatment otherwise it could have serious consequences for the patient.

Dr. Ghulam Sakhi Hasni, teacher at Kabul Medical University’s Urology Department, said: “Bladder infection is a disease that occurs due to infections or inflammations inside the bladder, this can happen suddenly or gradually depending on the type of bacteria that grows inside the bladder.”

He said if the infection is strong and the person’s bladder is weak, it creates an acute form, and if the infection is weak and the person’s immune system is strong, then an a low intensity form of bladder inflammation occurs,.

Infections could be inside the bladder itself or in other parts of the bladder area from where it could spreads, generally, the microbes can spread from the bottom to the top through the blood or from another organ close to the bladder, he added.

Dr. Hasni said when the infection grows individuals repeatedly go to the washroom, feels halt in urinating or sometimes blood could be noticed in the urine when the infection reaches its advance level.

He suggested that maintaining hygiene was very effective in preventing this disease. He said that when a person is infected with this disease, he should drink fluids regularly, as germs are eliminated through urine.

He termed the presence of infection in bladder dangerous and said: “When infection stays in an organ it could improve quickly inside that organ.”

“If the bladder infection is not treated, the disease becomes chronic and the patient suffers from it for months and years and the disease becomes serious.”

He stressed over the treatment of bladder infection and added: “If the bladder infection is not treated, it causes infections of the reproductive system in women, and in men, it can cause prostate and testicle damage, and even germs will spread to other parts of the body.”

He did not have information regarding the number of people suffering from Bladder infection.

Dr. Hasni said people in the urban areas quickly refer to the doctor but in rural areas they refer to the doctor lately therefore their problem grows.

He said: “If this disease is not treated for a long time, it narrows the pollen tubes, urine does not drain properly from the bladder, and this may cause ureteral stones or kidney stones.”

Haji Oriakhel, 70, from Kunduz province has referred to a hospital in Aliabad. He told Pajhwok Afghan News lack of attention in the treatment of his Bladder infection resulted in prostate.

He had his prostate operation last week expressed satisfaction about the services of the hospital.

Jumma Gul, 60, from Khost province also arrived in Kabul for treatment and was hospitalized in Aliabad Hospital.

He said his Bladder was infected from over the past several months.

He added from the past two years he suffered from prostate and according to the doctors it was due to continued infection in the Bladder.



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