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9 people killed in Afghanistan last week

9 people killed in Afghanistan last week

KABUL (Pajhwok): The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA), UN and International Organisations have called on Pakistan to stop the deportation of Afghan refugees.

UN and others have warned the mass deportation of refugees would create human catastrophe while IEA leadership urged halt to the process and called on Pakistan to think about its future.

Japan and Turkey have stressed over IEA and the international community’s interactions.

Major last week’s events

  • UN, International Organisations have asked Pakistan to revoke mass refugees deportation decision as it could create humanitarian catastrophe
  • Scare from Allah, think about your future and stop forced deportation on the bases of humanitarian sympathy: IEA to Pakistan
  • Pakistan should do to the extent it could afford later: Mawlavi Yaqoub
  • Japan, Turkey stressed over improved relationship between Afghanistan and international community
  • Uzbekistan will hand over a big business centre to Afghan businessmen in Termiz


Nine people were killed in the country last week in different incidents of violence.

According to officials security forces killed a member f the Resistance Front in Nuristan, three armed men were killed in Balkh during clash with security forces and three kidnappers were killed in security forces operation in Herat province.

A child was killed by his brother in Ghor mistakenly and a 22-year-old girl was killed in her house in Sar-i-Pul province.

Note: These figures are based on reports reaching Pajhwok Afghan News. Some incidents may have gone unreported or sources have provided incorrect figures.

According to reports 10 people were killed and 31 others injured nationwide in the previous week.

Before the regime change in August 2021, hundreds of civilians, insurgents and security personnel would get killed and maimed every week.

Deportation of Afghans and reactions

Pakistan last week started the deportation of Afghans without legal documents. Some refugees said Pakistani police arrested refugees who have vailed documents. According to reports 1.4 million refugees without valid documents lived in Pakistan.

Reports said Pakistani police have arrested Afghans, destroy their houses and did not allow taking their assets and transportation vehicles with themselves.

 UN and some other international organisations have asked Pakistan to stop the deportation of Afghan refugees and warned deportation of Afghan refugees could create a humanitarian crisis.

UN Special Representative Rina Ameeri during a meeting with Pakistani Ambassador to the US in Washington discussed the deportation of Afghans from Pakistan while European Union allocated 15 million Euro aid for deported Afghans.

Afghan officials also asked Pakistan to show restraint and stop the deportation of Afghans on the bases of cordial neighbouring relationship, Islamic brotherhood and humanitarian sympathy.

IEA supreme leader Sheikh Haibatullah Akhunzada has said painful stories are being heard about the sufferings of Afghan refugees in another country, something he called intolerable.

“The refugees are arrested and imprisoned, this is not tolerable,” Akhunzada said in a voice message published by the Kandahar provincial government’s press office.

Acting Defence Minister Mawlavi Mohammad Yaqoub Akhundzada asked Pakistan to stop suppression of Afghan refugees, he said the neighbouring country should consider the consequences of whatever she is doing now.

Pakhtonkhwa Political Leaders Usman Kakar and Khoshal Khan Kakar strongly condemned the forced deportation of Afghan refugees and asked the acting Pakistani Prime Minister not to behave like Shah Shuja.

Another Pashton Politican Mohsan Dawar and some others reacted to the deportation of Afghan refugees and filed a petition to the Supreme Court of Pakistan in which it demanded halt to the forced deportation of Afghan refugees.

Ex-president Hamid Karzai has expressed his concern about the forced deportation of Afghan refugees from Pakistan and Iran, slamming the move as an act against human rights and international law.

In a statement from his office, the former president lashed out at Pakistani security forces for coercing refugees, snatching their belongings and documents. Such acts amounted to a violation of their rights, he said.

Acting Prime Minister Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund has asked relevant government institutions to address issues faced by deported Afghans.

A powerful delegation headed by PM’s Admin and Finance Aide Mawlavi Abdul Salaam Hanafi has visited Torkham to observe the problems faced by deported Afghans.

The Ministry of Refugees has created a temporary camp, the Ministry of Transport arrange free of cost transport service to all incoming Afghan families, Defence Ministry dispatched vehicles, temporary drinking water tankers and bathrooms. The Information and Statiscits Authority registered deported refugees. Education Ministry said all deported Afghans would be provided learning opportunities in the country.

The IEA said two bank accounts have been created for the collection of assistance with refugees. Government, businessmen, civil society activists and common people provide food for incoming Afghans in Torkham and some people have launched fund collection campaign through social media platforms for deported Afghans.

Relations with acting Afghan government

Japan’s Ambassador Takayoshi Kormaya said his country was trying to encourage interaction between Afghanistan and the international community.

He made the remarks during a meeting with Higher Education Minister Neda Mohammad Nadeem in Kabul, said the a spokesman for the ministry.

Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Maulvi Amir Khan Muttaqi wanted the international community to interact positively with the caretaker government on the basis of the current ground realities.

Abdul Qahar Balkhi, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), wrote on his X handle that Muttaqi met UN Special Coordinator Feridun Hadi Sinirlioglu in Turkey.

The MoFA spokesman said Sinirlioglu emphasised on increased interaction between Afghanistan and the global fraternity.

Delegation from Uzbekistan

Last week a 45-member Uzbekistan delegation headed by Deputy Prime Minister Jamshid Khojayev arrived in Kabul for the inauguration of exhibition and bilateral commerce and trade talks.

The delegation held talks with Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar and the acting minister of commerce and industry.

Both sides discussed various aspects, such as trade, transit, economic ties, railway, transportation, mining, water management, agricultural development.

Khodjaev expressed Uzbekistan’s readiness to cooperate with Afghanistan in various sectors, including agriculture, transportation, railways, transit, water management and mining.

He unveiled a trade road map designed to boost Afghanistan’s exports to Uzbekistan to boost the trade volume between the two countries to approximately three billion dollars a year.

According to the statement, Uzbekistan has also simplified the visa process for Afghan businessmen and drivers, with plans to host an exhibition of Afghan products in Tashkent and open a large business centre in Termez.

Afghanistna Railway Authrity asked Uzbekistan to tariff on transit goods in order to boost the flow of goods.

Turkey against armed resistance in Afghanistan

The Turkish foreign minister said there should be no longer armed resistance in Afghanistan.

He issued the call at a meeting with his Afghan counterpart Amir Khan Muttaqi in Ankara, the capital of Turkey, on Tuesday.


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